Emma Leach is an artist based in London working in writing and time-based media. Her works have a strong focus on narrative, using play and observation to adapt an original story — often from a news article or broadcast media. Her practice engages with subjects of political, historical and social significance through the by-products of larger, more newsworthy events. More recently, Emma draws on her training in mediation to describe or probe conflict scenarios. Previous work includes hiring a wildlife photographer to capture her dressed as a cow, learning English tea ceremony on the London Underground, training students to ape gallery assistants and planting 250 tiny, red elephants throughout a town. Works have been shown around the UK as well as in France and Japan. To find out more, browse the works section of this website.


Emma also works freelance as a project manager and curator, working with other artists to realise their ideas. She is currently Performance Curator for the Whitstable Biennale and Project Manager for Lundahl & Seitl alongside working ad hoc on other projects. She has performed in other artists’ work, including pieces by Yael Davids, Lundahl & Seitl, Lucy Panesar, Jenny Moore, Sandra Pearson, Siân Robinson Davies, Gary Stevens, Natasha Vicars, Nina Wakeford, Laura Wilson and Chu Yun. Emma is a member of peer mentoring group EPC and has mentored recent graduates with Junto:Mentor. She also builds websites, specialising in web development for artists and therapists.

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