Emma Leach is a London-based artist working primarily with text. Her works include observational writing about real events, normally based in London, and short fiction, normally based in imagined territories. Her narratives are often set in sites that are undergoing some kind of transition, and topics include shifting power dynamics. Previous works have been shown in galleries, distributed in newspapers and transmitted by radio. In 2013, her short story The Moon Speaks was printed in an exhibition catalogue for Hermes’ lack of words (Pub: Artspace, New Zealand).

  • For projects up to 2012, including objects and time-based media, see the WORK section of this website.
  • For more recent text-based projects, see the WRITING and BLOG sections of this website.


Emma also works freelance as a project manager and curator, working with other artists to realise their ideas. She is currently Curator for the Whitstable Biennale and Project Manager for Lundahl & Seitl alongside working ad hoc on other projects. She has performed in other artists’ work, including pieces by Bronwen Buckeridge, Yael Davids, Lundahl & Seitl, Lucy Panesar, Jenny Moore, Sandra Pearson, Siân Robinson Davies, Gary Stevens, Natasha Vicars, Nina Wakeford, Laura Wilson and Chu Yun.