Getting to the Heart of it II

Hello! How are you today?

I’m well, how are you? Is this two missionaries I’m speaking with?

We are doing well thank you! and yes it is 🙂 What can we help you with?

I wanted to ask about your relationship to truth. How important is it that what you believe is true?

That’s a very good question. For me, truth is very important. I’m trying to figure out how to put this into words… If something is true, I’m going to do something about it. Does that make sense?

I’m interested to know more about the importance of truth to you. Why is it so important? Is it to do with action – being active – “doing something”? What would you lose if you lost truth?

Truth is something that never changes. I think the worlds idea of truth is different than God’s- sometimes the line between truth and belief are blurred. But It is so important to know truth! To me, truth is something we can know if we have a desire and are confident in the Lord. I think sometimes it can start as belief but as we act and really try and discern the truth we can know its validity.

Do you mean God’s truth never changes, but the world’s truth does? For example, our old fashioned “truth” was that the earth was flat, but our modern “truth” is that it’s a globe?

Sometimes we are disappointed by human wisdom and, just like your example, the world’s truths do change. What sparked your interest in learning more about truth?

I’ve been thinking about truth recently as a kind of chimera – something that is very tempting to chase but, often, impossible to locate. Following this logic then I was wondering what “truths” I would be willing to abandon, and still be able to function. Like my atheism for example – how important is it to me that my belief is true? I like to think that I treat it lightly, but I think I would agonise if it were taken away. I thought you guys might have a particular take on truth that would be interesting. Is it something you’ve thought about much?

There is actually a really good devotional about truth that I watched a few months ago. It can give you a perspective on what truth is and if it is possible for anyone to find it. I think there has come a point in my life that I definitely knew I needed to find out for myself if the things I believed were true or not. Example: the Book of Mormon. It is a book that knowing whether it is true or not is important because if it is true then it is truly words from God that can give me direction. I now know that this book is true and it has blessed my life so much!! Here is the link to the talk called “what is truth?” [deleted]

Can I ask a bit about your set up? Are you in an office somewhere, like a call centre? Or do you work from home?

We are missionaries that spend some time each week in an office area helping people over the internet 🙂

I assume you have a few different chats on the go at once?

It depends how many people are online and how many people are asking questions so sometimes.

Do you have a script to follow? Or various ideas that you need to introduce at certain stages? Or signposting, like that link you sent me?

No we just study a lot to be prepared and every person is different! I just remembered I really enjoyed that talk I sent you because I had watched it a few months ago and it really stuck with me. We are just guided by the spirit on to what to say and sometimes I may not know everything so I just share what I do know and love.

Some people must be unpleasant to you. Can you leave whenever you like?

Like leave the chat? If someone is being vulgar or crude or playing a prank we can leave the chat.

I hope that doesn’t happen too much. I’m curious about your set up because it’s a very strange thing to offer! An open invitation to chat about anything, for any length of time. And you don’t know who you are connecting with our where they are (though I’m assuming you’re in the US).

I know this gospel of Jesus Christ to be true and it has given me so much hope and happiness in my life and I love sharing the message with others! This chat is another opportunity to spread the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ through technology, especially for those that have questions but maybe aren’t quite ready to meet with missionaries in person yet. Every person is worth it.