Conflicting Thoughts: Thoughts on Conflict (2011)

This video work explores examples of conflict situations in Scotland through the words of a professional working in conflict resolution. Various narratives overlap in a piece that draws on recent news and historical events, on one individual’s experiences and the backdrop that informs those experiences.


During her time at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, Emma researched some conflict situations that are specific to Scotland. She interviewed a professional working in conflict resolution in Scotland about her experience of mediating between parties in conflict and excerpts from this interview have been re-recorded by a voice artist for the video work. This voiceover is combined with visual material including two video excerpts that show important developments in two particular conflict situations.

The Two Video Excerpts

Part ii shows a Hearts FC fan running out of the crowd and attacking Neil Lennon, the manager of Celtic FC. During Emma’s time in Glasgow, the jury for this case acquitted the attacker on charges of assault and acting in a manner aggravated by religious prejudice.

Part iv shows the demolition of Ravenscraig steelworks, an iconic image that was used in Neil Oliver’s BBC series A History of Scotland as a symbol of the effect that Thatcher’s Conservative government had on heavy industry in Scotland. British Steel was privatised in 1988 and Ravenscraig closed three years later.

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Produced during a residency with Siân Robinson Davies at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, September 2011
Voiceover by Kate Dickie
Thanks to Anonymous


June 2016: Willing the Possible (curated by Minou Norouzi), Sheffield Fringe, BLOC PROJECTS, Sheffield
October – December 2017: Willing the Possible (curated by Minou Norouzi), MARSIstanbul, Istanbul