Turn to Page Eight (2009)

Turn to Page Eight was made for the Turner Contemporary Open 2009. This artwork takes the form of a text printed on page eight of the Isle of Thanet Gazette (a local newspaper) in response to the other works in the show, plus headlines in the local paper. By inserting elements of these headlines back into the newspaper, the artwork’s source material becomes the vehicle for its display.

Copies of the Isle of Thanet Gazette were available to browse in the gallery space, and thousands were distributed direct to the newspaper’s normal readership.


This is part of a series of works that intervene in newspapers. Beginning with Turn to Page Seven and progressing through the pages of a newspaper, in each work Emma hijacks the medium that has been her source material – recycling aspects of the news and broadcasting a new text back out using the same medium.

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With thanks to Rebecca Smith at Isle of Thanet Gazette and Sarah Martin at Turner Contemporary