Turn to Page Seven (2008)

Photo © Topper & Smith 2008

It was an interesting day when the banking crisis and Damien Hirst’s multi-million pound auction brushed shoulders with each other in the headlines. “AT LEAST SOMEONE IS STILL MAKING MILLIONS” ran one banner (Metro, Tuesday 16 September 2008). Thankfully they fell short of suggesting that becoming an artist would prove a good investment for any bankers left out of pocket…


Turn to Page Seven is an intervention in a local newspaper. A new text is paperclipped to free London newspapers and handed out at the door to a gallery space – apeing the way these papers are normally distributed.


Turn to Page Seven is a response to its context: in the gallery where it was shown, there was an exhibition of photographs by Charles Gatewood depicting Wall Street in the 1970s. There was also a series of articles in the local newspapers about the financial crisis which was unfolding at the time of writing. The writing in this artwork connects the photographs of Wall Street to the financial crisis as desribed in newspapers.

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This is part of a series of works that intervene in newspapers. Beginning with Turn to Page Seven and progressing through the pages of a newspaper, in each work Emma hijacks the medium that has been her source material – recycling aspects of the news and broadcasting a new text back out using the same medium.

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Turn to Page Seven was commissioned by Switch Performance for the private view of Pictures That Kill