Your Torch is Burning Brightly (2008)

Photo by Sonya Dyer
(L) Photo by Ksenia Nova (R) Photo by Sonya Dyer

Your Torch is Burning Brightly used students from Chelsea College of Art & Design in a project about gallery assistants. Emma asked them to observe and test the behaviour of gallery assistants working in nearby Tate Britain and to ape their behaviour in CHELSEA space, where they had a dual role: they were at once being the work and guarding the work. On arrival, visitors were given the following instructions:

Please enter the space. Feel free to observe and interact with the gallery assistants. If their behaviour pleases you, give them a round of applause. If their behaviour displeases you, boo them. Be as loud and expressive as possible.

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Your Torch is Burning Brightly was part of Temporary Agencies, curated by Sonya Dyer
With special thanks to Joe Campbell
With thanks to Sue-Jin Lee, Hollie McArthur, Ksenia Nova, Oscar Oldershaw, Adam Redhead, Flaminia Veronesi and Judith Waring