Emma writes about things of note and interest to her, including exhibitions or individual artworks. Her texts often mix fiction with non-fiction, and include fictionalised accounts of real events and detailed observations that depart into fantasy. Almost all of Emma’s works include a text element, so please browse the works section to see how she incorporates writing in her practice. For recent writing and news, have at look at the blog.

Photo: Marine Thévenet

On Artists and Exhibitions

On Piccadilly Community Centre by Christoph Büchel (2011)
On Hackney Dawn Watching by Natasha Vicars (2011)
On By the Fourth Watch by Siân Robinson Davies (2007)
On Journey to the Lower World by Marcus Coates (2007)
On Flock by Gary Stevens (2007)
On Parade of the Denizens by Ed Pien and Eva Lis (2007)

Short Fiction and Observational Writing

A Sleuth of Bears (2008)
Describe a Lake (2008)
Five Euro Note (2007)

For more recent short fiction and observational writing, visit the blog.

Available to Buy

Emma contributed to a publication as part of the art writing project, Critical Communities.

> Find out more or buy a copy of RITE (Pub: Open Dialogues & New Work Network 2009)
> Visit the Critical Communities website

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