Teach Yourself Introvert – lesson 1

A thing I admire about introverts is that self-contained quality they have when on their own or in a group. They seem so comfortable with their own company. They seem to be able to occupy a space in a room, sitting or standing at ease, unselfconscious.

A good place to practise this is in a pub when you’re waiting for a friend to arrive. The busier the pub, the better. Choose your spot — sitting or standing, it doesn’t matter. Either way, find a comfortable stance. Now, close your eyes (this makes the exercise easier for a beginner; intermediate learners can keep their eyes open.)

Imagine your self as an object that is larger than your body. It hums around the edges of you. Now turn it in; turn it all in until it’s contained within your body. Place the most important bits right in the centre. Concentrate on your breathing, taking slow and full breaths. Wait.

Next, use your ears. Really listen to the noises around you that you’ve been blocking out since you first walked in the space. These sounds should come to you in layers of volume, distance and tone. Enjoy the play of one layer on top of another — the chatter on the other side of the room, the burst of laughter nearby. Note the sharper sounds and the softer ones. Swim in this noise; drown in it.

Notice any change?